Hey everyone,  I know it's been a while since my last post but things have been crazy for me this past year. I've been very busy at work with twelve hour shifts as well as other domestic issues that require constant attention.  sculpting and animation have taken a back seat to these other situations unfortunately. Anyway, I hope to get back on the horse and that starts with this post.
Late last year OMFG Series 2 released and with it my first mass produced figurine - The Grimm Gourd. The whole process of being a part of this project was so much fun. The folks at October Toys are wonderful and it has been a total success.  I've received so many wonderful comments from people on the Grimm Gourd. it's been fantastic.  Please check out OMFG Series Two at www.Octobertoys.com
I will be posting pics to the gallery soon and will have more details on how to get the very rare "artist proof" Gourd right here on the site.
Sorry again for the delay in frequent blog posts. I hope you continue to support the blog and the site. I'm committed to being more active here now and will try and post more.
Hey everyone, It's been a rough week and I hate to say it but I've fallen behind on my posts for a couple of days. I started a new job last week and it's been a rough transition. Overtime is  mandatory thing there and it's a two hour drive round trip.  So I'm gone for about 12 plus hours everyday now and it's just taking a little while getting use to. It's been tough to work on much of anything art wise but I'm determined to get back on the horse this week and continue posting again daily. I'll make up for the days I missed by posting a couple of times a day till I'm all caught up again. Sorry everyone and please stay posted.

A bit of encouraging news with the IndieGoGo figurine campaign today as well. We received a very generous pledge from Mr. Jo Madrid - Thanks so much Jo, I hope you enjoy the figurines when they arrive.

Please check out the campaign HERE

Also, here is where I'm at with the OMFG series 2 mini figurine.
Here I am creating the armature for the mini Figurine, this guy is just under 2 inches tall so it was a bit of a challenge to create this.
This is the design revision that MonsterForge made based on Greg's original design. All I have to do now is sculpt something that looks like these but is under 2 inches tall, should be a lot of fun.
I was invited by some nice folks over at the October Toys forum to sculpt something as an entry for the OMFG (Outlandish Mini Figure Guys) series 2 set of figurines. So I'm going to post the progress here and I hope you guys like how he turns out. The design is based on this sketch by Greg on the forums over there. He calls it the Pumpkin King.  

I'm still going to be working on the new animation head so I'll have updates for him very soon.
Refining his chompers a little more here, I dug out the roof of his mouth and added some detail to the bottom of his teeth. Next I have to smooth them out and then remove them and then mold the head. Thanks for stopping by!
Starting to sculpt the teeth for this guy. Also busy working on a (mini) side project which I hope to post about soon.
Just adding in a piece which will eventually become the teeth for this guy.
The top fit's over this new piece nicely and it's turning out pretty good so far. I hope I can do a good job on the teeth.
Just carving away on the inside part of the mouth that I removed yesterday. making room for some teeth. Also got the eyes on the right side.

Cut Away



Ok, I got the mouth cut away at a good position it would seem and now I'm ready to start working on my actual idea which I hope will work well. The eye's are on the wrong side here so I'll need to fix that.

In other news, Jeff Lafferty's Kickstarter project to fund his stop motion film (Curse of the Wolf's Heart) ends today. I sculpted a bust of one of his characters a few weeks back and he is now offering casts of it if you pledge $75.00 or more to fund his film. Please head over there and consider supporting it HERE.

I also just wanted to mention that I got a really nice comment from the folks over at Laika regarding my little frog animation. It was very nice of them and I appreciate it.